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Become a member of the Clark’s Pump-N-Shop Keep it Clean Car Wash Club!  It is a fast and convenient way to keep your car clean all the time.  You get the benefit of getting your car washed as often as you like. with no long-term contract, and a convenient monthly, automatic billing.  For only $19.99 a month, plus tax, membership includes access to unlimited washes every month at every car wash we offer in Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia. Your vehicle will automatically be recognized when you visit so you can cruise through & get your wash, hassle-free.

Once you complete the signup along with your payment details, you will receive an email instructing you to come to the nearest Clark's Pump-N-Shop Car Wash location to have your membership sticker placed on your vehicle. 

Log into your customer account to manage your subscription.

The membership is non transferable and good for only one vehicle.

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Take advantage of our VIP Car Wash Card.

Buy online by spending $20 and get $30 in washes, spend $50 and get $70 in washes, or spend $100 and get a total of $150 in washes. Choose to receive a card in the mail that can be swiped at the car wash kiosk or choose to receive a pin number via email that can be entered at the car wash kiosk. Once you use up your pre-paid amount, the card or pin can be reloaded at the car wash kiosk at any time.

VIP Car Wash Cards make great gifts!

We also offer the $50 VIP card option for purchase at every Clark’s Pump-N-Shop location with a car wash in Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, and Florida.


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